Organization of citizen workshops on major social issues

Le Brief

The Interministerial Direction of Public Transformation (DITP) asked us to carry out a citizen workshop in Paris, on the subject of employment, pensions and social protection.
This citizen workshop represented a unique opportunity for the participants to express themselves regarding the direction to be given to public policies led by the government.

La méthode

For a seamless facilitation for both the client and the participants, the project was entrusted to us in its entirety: recruitment and logistics.
With the sponsor we defined the target to be recruited: Due to the specifically long duration of the workshops (2 consecutive full days), the recruitment required a particular reflection and a careful choice of participants to ensure that the group formed was harmonious, efficient and prolific.
Logistics involved various tasks such as hotel reservations, travel, communication of information to participants and speakers, welcoming participants and compensation.

Les résultats

For 4 years, HDQuali has supported the DITP by providing them with recruitment and logistics expertise, ensuring that each citizen workshop takes place in the best conditions to produce a relevant collective opinion in just 2 weekends, and then handed over to the relevant ministry.

Other Case Studies


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