Do you want to understand how a specific group or population expresses their expectations, hesitations or motivations? Do you want to conduct a pre-test before launching a new product, service, concept or brand name? A qualitative study can help you reveal the motives behind consumer behaviors.


All of our recruitments are done internally from our file of participants composed of about 200 000 people located all over France. Continuously updated, this file allows us to select profiles that match the respondent needs of your survey.

With our extensive experiences in the recruitment sector, we are also able to advise and guide you in defining the target to be interviewed. We can also work with you to develop the recruitment questionnaire, including translations if needed.

Does your study need to extend to all corners of the world? Know that you can entrust us with your recruitments abroad. We have a worldwide network of experienced partners who will ensure the same quality of participants.


By entrusting us with the organization of your study, we guarantee smooth and successful focus groups. We partner with owners of the best study rooms in Paris and Province, equipped with the most innovative technical tools.

Do you want to organize your survey in a specific city, outside of France? Thanks to our international network, we are fully capable of finding perfectly adapted and functional spaces regardless of the city. With our team of videographers, we are also able to record and film your focus groups for future review.

Moderation of a focus group is essential to the success of a qualitative study. We offer a team of expert moderators who encourage open discussion and ensure rich results. Additionally, we can assist you in the analysis of results as well as report writing.


We would love to hear about your marketing needs. Please reach out today and we will be happy to find a solution for your specific objectives.