The story of HDQuali starts in 2014 when seven experienced consumer recruitment professionals and a technical engineer specializing in qualitative studies decided to pool their skills together and create a unique business of their own. HDQuali is unique because it is the only company to offer its clients a full range of services related to market research from the simple recruitment of consumers to the full implementation of qualitative and quantitative studies.

Besides being able to deliver complete studies while remaining the single point of contact, HDQuali sets itself apart by offering tailor-made studies that respond precisely to their clients’ needs. Regardless of the purpose of the survey, the size of the company, or the level of urgency, we strive to adapt our tools to offer a specialized solution every time. At HDQuali, nothing is formatted, nothing is fixed, everything is built according to you, your needs, and your expectations.

Our human size allows us to demonstrate remarkable responsiveness. With HDQuali, forget the intermediaries and the subcontractors. Each study is executed internally by our team: database of participants, recruitment, recruitment screeners, organization and logistics... We have even developed our own online tools in order to respond to changes in consumption patterns and remain in control of the study at all times. Our mastery of all aspects of market research enables us to carry out our work with consistent professionalism and efficiency.

At HDQuali, we are always adapting to specific client needs, evolving methods of technology, as well as consumer behaviors. We are constantly innovating to advance our recruitment methods and take advantage of new methods of communication. We are also able to offer you communities, blogs, forums, online groups, quantitative pre-tests online, and of course classic focus groups, interviews, ethnographic studies, and more.

Our only limitation at HDQuali is your satisfaction!


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