Organization of a public dialogue workshop for the SIENNA project

The Brief

The purpose of the SIENNA project (Stakeholder-informed ethics for new technologies with high socio-economic and human rights impact) was to understand the point of view of individuals regarding human genomics, human improvement, artificial intelligence and robotics, and how these individuals could or could not be impacted due to their specificities.

The Method

To answer these different questions, 55 people had to be recruited with a mix of professional and social profiles, nationalities, ages, as well as some who had genetic, ethnic, psychological or medical particularities.
We also had to find a place to bring together a large number of people who would tour different workshops.
HDQuali participated in defining the target, carried out the recruitment of 55 people in a very short period of time by meticulously searching for each specific profile to ensure the requested diversity, and enabled them to express themselves easily and effectively on such a sensitive subject.
HDQuali also took care of the logistics of the project: finding the room, welcoming and orienting the participants, setting up the various workshops and compensating the participants.

The Results

A workshop of 55 people which took place in an extremely fluid manner over the course of a day, starting at 9:00 AM. Precise timing organized in advance, participants that were very engaged and invested in speaking out, and rich, relevent qualitative material.
Once again, HDQuali expertise proved its efficiency in both logistics and recruitment.

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