International exploratory study on beauty routines for women between 18 and 65 years old

The Brief

This exploratory study across 5 countries (France, US, ...) aimed to understand the expectations and needs of women 18 to 65 years old in terms of skin care (brand, products, usage) and to approach the points of convergence and divergence of these different countries.

The Method

In order to answer this question, we recruited women from these different countries who could send videos of their beauty routines (a morning beauty routine, a night beauty routine and an "exceptional" routine).
After developing the recruitment questionnaire and translating it into the different languages, HDQuali recruited all 90 women from the 5 countries to guarantee homogeneous profiles.
HDBoard was used as support for this study and all the platforms, lasting 7 days each, took place at the same time and in the language of each country.

The Results

In a short time (only 7 days) we were able to provide rich and complete content from 5 different countries with a homogeneous response allowing a comparison of practices.

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